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Yanumoja Yoga

Yanumoja yoga is based on Hatha traditions. The first syllable yan (to retain) is taken from the word yantra which means ‘device that allows focusing of energies’. Umoja means unity in Kiswahili. Yoga means to join or yoke into oneness.

Founded by Nikki Manzie, Yanumoja Yoga is the focusing of one’s energy toward union to culminate in a state of wholeness or oneness. It holds the intent to harmonize with our true nature while fully engaging with life.

Yanumoja yoga offers eclectic wisdom, experience and style. Classes vary in content and most include the use of themes—I work with the energetic flow of the seasons (earth, water, fire, air, ether elements and yin-yang) and the subtle energy body (the chakras). Classes begin with a brief introduction to the subject, a centering exercise and breath work followed by a gentle warm-up, progressing into strengthening postures, and winding down with stretching, relaxation and meditation to create a space of peace, rejuvenation and increased awareness.

Classes are multi-level and offered via video conferencing Tuesday evenings 5:15-7pm. Seasonal registration is required and rates depend on length of season. See contact information to inquire about current or upcoming sessions.