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These recorded classes and yoga nidras are offered to support you in meeting your yoga needs whenever it suits you! You will find all in audio only and two of the physical practices with video.

Mix, match and enjoy!

Physical yoga practices:

The Yoga ditty is a quick joint opening with a few stretches to get you ready for any activity or day.

Yoga ditty audio 8 mins.m4a

Yoga ditty vid 8 mins.mp4

The Energizing flow is an invigorating class.

Energizing Flow Audio 58 mins.m4a

Energizing Flow Video 58 mins.mp4

The floor yoga (audio only) offers deep stretching for a grounding and releasing experience, perfect for end of day and before one of the yoga nidras below.

Floor yoga 48 mins Audio.m4a

Yoga Nidras:

Pranic Healing Yoga Nidra 32 min audio.m4a

Crystal Beach Yoga Nidra 35 min audio.m4a

Journey to the Self Yoga Nidra 45 min audio.m4a

Balancing Yoga Nidra 33 min.m4a

Energizing Yoga Nidra 28 mins.m4a

Grounding Yoga Nidra 29 mins.m4a

Overflowing Heart Yoga Nidra 26 mins.m4a

Pure Awareness Yoga Nidra Audio 28 mins.m4a

Rainbow Light Yoga Nidra 26 min.m4a