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Exploring Creativity and Wisdom in Life Direction

12:45 PM Arrival
1:00 PM Moment of silence: cultivating presence
1:05 PM Introductions
Yanumoja Yoga: gentle
Exploring creativity and wisdom
Connecting creativity and wisdom to life direction
6:30 pm Closing

Life Direction: Planning for Change Pre-requisite: Exploring Creativity and Wisdomin Life Direction

Objectives of the afternoon:

To review the vision statement from workshop 1, highlight unexpected events, actions taken and obstacles. Refine vision according to experience, inner wisdom and intent.

Experience the refined vision, validate it and identify what actions and behaviours are needed to make this happen.

Yoga Teacher's Workshop: Exploring Asana

In this one-day workshop, we will review the energetics (chakras, elements, vayus) of certain asana categorized as forward bends, backbends, strengthening, balancing, and inversions. We will explore modifications, and practice hands-on adjustments and assists.